Ever plan a special Valentine’s Day for your sweetheart only to have the evening end badly because you said or did something wrong, which you’re still clueless about?

Well, I’m here to simplify your life by giving you a concrete list of things NOT to do on Valentine’s day.

1.  Do not stress.  Stress is contagious, so play it cool regardless of what goes wrong.  If this means having contingency plans, then be prepared.  An example would be making sure you have candles in case you’re forced to order pizza for dinner.

2.  Do not be shortsighted.  Valentine’s Day is an all day and evening event.  Acknowledging it with little texts, hand-delivered messages or special deliveries throughout the day is highly recommended.

3.  Do not say no to watching a romantic movie.  In fact, you may want to recommend it.

4.  Do not do what you did last year.  Originality is a sign of thoughtfulness.

5.  Don’t gift lingerie without also gifting soft, snuggly footie pajamas.  The footie is optional; the soft and snuggly is not.  It will be her decision which she greets you with at the end of the evening.

6.  Do not buy her a gift from a pre-owned/resale shop.  The idea is to make the gift a part of your story together and no one else’s.

7.  Do not get her a partial set of anything.  When it comes to gifts, patience is typically not a woman’s best virtue.

8.  Do not buy her a name brand item unless it’s original and you plan on outdoing the neighbors.  If you can count on anything, count on your sweetheart’s friends asking her what she got for Valentine’s Day.  Make her look forward to answering this question.

9.  Do not consider flowers, chocolate and dinner sufficient Valentine’s Day gifts.  They are traditions with short lifespans, very effective in the romance department, but incomplete without a tangible gift that can be referenced for years to come.

10.  Do not postpone Valentine’s Day.  Even if your Valentines’ gift is an exotic trip only a few days away, do not allow Valentine’s Day to go by without acknowledging it with a special delivery or a simple timely text.

11.  Do not have any expectations.  Allow the day to unfold naturally.  See # 5 for more clarification ;-)

12.  Do not forget Valentine’s Day

Remember, if you want to ensure a perfect Valentine’s Day, nothing says, “I love you!” more than actually demonstrating that love with acts of thoughtfulness…an accessory or two won’t hurt eitherâ£ï¸