Are you tired of buying extravagant Valentine’s Day gifts that are unappreciated because they’re unimaginative?

Well, those days are over.  My name is Amira and I’m an accessory designer, which means it’s my job to know what women want and, more importantly, why they want it.  And, right now, I’m going to share these secrets with you by listing a series of related questions to use as a checklist when selecting the perfect gift for your sweetheart.

  • Is this gift as unique as the woman I love? Is it fun and creative?  Do her friends have something similar (the correct answer is, “No!”)?
  • Does this gift demonstrate how well I know her preferences, what she likes and what she doesn’t? Is it something that would catch her attention?  Will she be impressed by my thoughtfulness?
  • Will this gift make her smile? Will it remind her of a special time or of something she loves?  Will it be a catalyst for new memories?
  • Will she feel special having it? Will it catch the eye of her friends?  Will it make her feel confident and proud owning it?
  • Is this gift timeless? Can she enjoy it today, a year from now, ten years from now?
  • Will I be indulging her in the name of love? Will she want to tell her friends about it?
  • Is this gift for me or for her?

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